Day 209–Quinoa with dried cherries and pistachios

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What is that saying about good intentions? Something about Hell is paved with good intentions?? Well, it may not be that far from the truth!!

I had good intentions in picking out this recipe. We, as a family, are fasting this week in preparation for our church’s move to a new location. As part of our fast, we are abstaining from meat, so I went looking for some good vegetarian recipes. This one looked like it fit the bill, so it was added to this week!


I won’t even go into how to make this dish, you can read it on the recipe website if you like. The only thing I need to tell you is that everyone had to go find something else to eat after dinner because of this!

The majority of my family rated this 1 star (they tried to give it 0 or negative stars but that is not allowed!) I tried to eat more than a couple spoonfuls since I spent so much time making it, but the taste couldn’t quite allow me to go more than 5-6 bites. I don’t know how to describe it, except it was sour tasting and just not good. It is not good for family members with braces, either! I was picking these little seeds out for hours afterward….


Normally, I like quinoa, but this was a miss tonight for my family. You should skip this one and make something different too. (Or do like Jacob did, and eat the rest of the bag of Pistachios by themselves!)


I found the recipe here:http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/quinoa-with-dried-cherries

Nobody will eat this again.



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