Day 12–Baked Ziti

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I have another confession to make…there is no ziti in this dish. I searched high and low and my favorite supermarket does not carry ziti…I found plenty of penne, rigatoni, and other pastas but no ziti! A quick Google search showed me that penne and ziti are very similar and the only real difference is the cut of the pasta. Penne pasta is cut at an angle and may be smooth or with ridges. Ziti is a long hollow tube and cut straight at the ends. All I know is that I had to use what I could buy….and so this dish has Italian Rigatoni in it.


Here is another thing…the above picture is only the 1st pan of this massive recipe! I have another pan that was not even touched, and we have about half of this one still left. This recipe can feed a small army! Or at least a dinner party with friends. Todd and Chris gave it 5 stars….which is good since they will be eating this for lunch for the next few days! Jacob and I gave it 4 stars. (Emily missed this good meal because she was helping her boyfriend recuperate after wisdom tooth removal.) It was good, loaded with meat, and I served it with bread with pesto and cheese topping. A good hearty meal that is very filling!


So the official rating of this meal is 4.5 stars. You can taste the Italian sausage and the spices with every bite. One drawback to this recipe is that I had lots of dishes to clean up afterward…a pot for the noodles, a pot for the sauce, a bowl for the cheeses, extra bowl for sauce to cool, then the two 9×12 pans they are cooked in. It’s not a one pot deal but it is good! And it is a good deal for the money, because you WILL have plenty of leftovers.

If you decide to make this recipe and you actually find ziti, let me know in the comments!!



I found this recipe here: http://tastykitchen.com/recipes/main-courses/baked-ziti-8/

4/4  family members would eat this again

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  1. posted by Laura Haskin on July 15, 2014

    Zito is very hard to find. You can use any pasta shape you like. I use Bowties/Farfalle (as they are called in Italian.

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