Day 69–Spaghetti alla Carbonara

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I managed to finally do it! Yes, it took 69 days. I have been waiting for and dreading this day since Day 1. Finally, a 1 star meal.

I have no idea if it is the recipe, or the ingredients, or if it is a mental thing. I will explain more in a moment. I do know that I followed the recipe exactly. I am good at following directions, and I don’t think it is an execution problem. One thing it might be, which would be my fault, is that I bought hog jowl instead of “guanciale”. I read on the recipe that this “guanciale” is cured hog jowl, and so that is exactly what I bought.


Many people on the comments section of the recipe site said that they had a hard time finding guanciale, and many others said it is just hog jowl, so I felt comfortable buying this. What I bought looks like the picture of what is on the recipe site, but in interest of full disclosure, I wanted to make it clear what ingredients I used. Maybe if I would use bacon next time (which was an acceptable substitute according to the recipe) it would be better, who knows?

With that being said, I felt like this tasted like spaghetti in bacon grease. The first person who tasted it was Chris, and his exact words were “this reminds me of medieval gruel.” With that comment, I was very skeptical. Medieval gruel???? That is what I meant when I said this might be part mental.


This looks good, right? But all I saw when Chris said that comment was sticky gruel. So when I tasted it, the overwhelming taste of bacon grease confused my brain when I was supposed to be tasting a spaghetti dish. I literally could not swallow the first bite, I had to spit it out. It was absolutely awful.

At this point, Jacob is giggling with his signature smile and eyes nearly closed into slits, and he asked if he should even try this. Of course we told him he had to, and he ended up spitting out his bite as well. Emily refused to try it. Todd is out of town so he lucked out on this one!!! Sandra…bless her heart. She always has something good to say about my cooking, and even she said this was bad. At least this was very easy to make, and didn’t cost a lot of money! And luckily, I made enough spaghetti noodles that I was able to use our regular spaghetti sauce so we didn’t have to starve tonight…we CERTAINLY didn’t eat this carbonara stuff.

I really want to hear from any of you who have actually had spaghetti alla carbonara. Is this good normally? Does it normally have a strong bacon grease taste? I don’t want to write this dish off permanently if it truly is supposed to be good. All the reviews on the recipe website say how heavenly this is, and how they loved the recipe. Maybe it’s just our family….we don’t think highly of gruel 😉


I found this recipe here: http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-pasta-carbonara-170893

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