My rating system

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I made a rating system that I will use to rate the recipes on cost, taste, and ease of cooking. This is a purely arbitrary number system that I made up on my own and will rate on my own, so take it for what it’s worth.


Less than $10 = knewstuffknewstuffknewstuffknewstuffknewstuff

$11-$17 = knewstuffknewstuffknewstuffknewstuff

$18-$25 = knewstuffknewstuffknewstuff

$26-$30 = knewstuffknewstuff

over $30 = knewstuff



This is Great! = knewstuffknewstuffknewstuffknewstuffknewstuff

This is Good! = knewstuffknewstuffknewstuffknewstuff

It’s Ok. = knewstuffknewstuffknewstuff

It’s bad. = knewstuffknewstuff

This was horrible. = knewstuff


Ease of Use:

A 5 year old could do it! = knewstuffknewstuffknewstuffknewstuffknewstuff

This was very easy and quick! = knewstuffknewstuffknewstuffknewstuff

Takes a little time but worth it. = knewstuffknewstuffknewstuff

I’m gonna be late, taking awhile. = knewstuffknewstuff

I’m still in the kitchen cooking… = knewstuff

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