Day 1–Mexican Black Bean Corn Soup

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Day 1 Mexican Black Bean Corn Soup


Well, I can certainly say this was a fun start to this journey!  I started with a recipe that I had on hand from when my family was on the Daniel Fast earlier this year. This is a great recipe to have on a cold evening, because it really warms you up inside. (Yes, it’s July, but the high was only 82 today!)

I explained to everyone tonight my plan and purpose for the next 365 days. This was met with some confusion, happiness, trepidation, and unbelief. My youngest tells me that there is no way I can cook something different every night for the next year. My hubby is ecstatic and is very supportive, I suspect because he is going to be fed well over the next 365 days! The other 2 were somewhere in-between. My daughter Emily wants to know my menu beforehand so she can make other plans if she doesn’t like what I am making!  If you want the recipe, just go to the top of the website and search by name in the recipe section.

I actually enjoyed this dish. It had great flavor and a strong aroma. It has lots of protein from the black beans and there are several veggies thrown in, so it is very healthy for you. The aroma is one reason Jacob gave a 2 star rating, because he stated the aroma was too strong for him. I felt like it filled the house with flavor!

For the entire meal, the conversation centered around my rating system and how we were going to rate this dish, because one family member wanted to give it 1 star, two gave it 3 stars, and hubby and I gave it 4 stars. They could not decide if they really liked the dish or not! The others talked Jacob into giving it 2 stars finally, so I am going to rate this as 3 stars for the purpose of this blog. If you ask me though, it was really good!!

I cannot wait to start this flavorful journey! Thanks for checking in.


I found this recipe on: http://www.forksoverknives.com/mexican-black-bean-corn-soup/

3/5 family members would eat this again

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