Day 118–Grilled Salmon over Warm Tuscan Bean Salad

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Sounds good, right? Wrong.

I found the recipe on this product:




Apparently, I now know how to make good grilled salmon. Chris and Jacob would give the salmon a 5 star rating, if it were the only thing we were eating tonight. However, since I make them at least try the rest of a recipe, things went downhill from there.


If I were to go on the picture alone, I would say it looked fantastic! Except that I had to try that bean mixture. I really could not finish it. The boys ate all the salmon and left everything else on the plate. Todd ate all of his and cleaned his plate, but gave it a rating of 3. Myself–a 2 star rating. I just could not get over the texture of the bean salad!


If you like mushroom sauce and white beans, you may like this. Otherwise, I suggest you eat your salmon and be happy that you don’t have to try another 2 star recipe.



1/4 family members would eat this again



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