Day 124– Beef Pot Roast with Turnip Greens

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Slow Cooker Sundays are BAAAACCCCKKKKK!!!!

Today’s recipe sounded kinda weird to me, but since I needed a slow cooker recipe I went ahead with this one. The weird thing is that you put a whole bag of turnip greens in the bottom of the crock pot first, followed by the potatoes and the parsnips.


As it cooks all day, the turnip greens slowly turn to mush, and what comes out really does smell and look delicious! I laughed at some of the funny looks from the boys as they bit into what they thought were potatoes, but turned out to be parsnips. (I couldn’t get a pic of the parsnips because Chris had already taken the camera to church!)


Nobody but me (Todd included!!) wanted to try the “green stuff.” Well, I tried it and spit it back out!! The problem with this dish is that the fat from the meat seemed to flavor all of the other ingredients, and not in a good way. Everything tasted “fatty” and it wasn’t very flavorful. The parsnips were awful! You know you have a bad roast when there are leftovers on your plate to feed the dog, and she walked away full!

Gonna skip this recipe from now on.



I found this recipe here:http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/beef-pot-roast-with-turnip

1/4 family members would eat this again



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