Day 128–Pork Chops with Pear Chutney

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I am craving a routine again…and tonight is a great night to start back!


I was able to use fresh fruit again in this meal. I love cooking with fresh fruit when it is available, and this really hit the spot! The pears were absolutely wonderful in this meal. I wish you could taste it through your phone or computer right now. If you think that pears are gritty and you try to avoid them, don’t worry–the pears in this recipe are divine.


The finished product looks like the picture above. The chutney is made with pears, cranberries, a shallot, a stick of cinnamon, an inch of ginger, some curry, cilantro, and some sugar and butter. All those ingredients are mixed together and make a delightful chutney to pair with the pork! One other thing I was able to use was something I picked up in Gatlinburg a month or so ago:


Oh how I have been waiting to use these spoons!! The recipe calls for a pinch of crushed red pepper, and I was able to use the appropriate measure. I don’t know how accurate those spoons are–can anyone actually measure out a smidgen?


Todd gave this 5 stars, and I happen to agree with him. The chutney on top really gives the pork a fantastic flavor, and it adds a kick of spice to it. The spice I am talking about is not too harsh; it is not hot enough to burn your tongue or anything like that, it is just a good feeling like you get when you eat a stick of Big Red gum. Chris and Jacob both gave this a 4 star rating. I am giving it 5 stars overall since I feel the dish really deserves the extra rating.

Todd mentioned that the chutney would go great with Turkey, especially if more cranberries are added. I happen to agree, so I just might make the chutney again if I have leftovers for Thanksgiving in a few weeks! I will tell you how that goes….



I found the recipe here: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-kitchens/pork-chops-with-pear-chutney-recipe.html

4/4 Family Members will eat this again



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