Day 269–Rachel’s Potato Salad

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I am taking the next month off from blogging. Rest assured, I am still cooking a new meal every day, and will continue to rate the recipe. Sometimes I might have a pic of what we ate, but most of the time I won’t. Blogging will resume as soon as I can get caught up on life! Check out the recipe below, if you think it sounds interesting 🙂

Ok, this was my own recipe, that I make when I have a family get-together or potluck. Today happens to be my Daddy’s birthday, so it was a special occasion! Here is my recipe, and so sorry it is not detailed, most of it I just eye and throw together, so these are approximate measurements.

1/2 bag yellow gold potatoes

1 cup Miracle Whip

3 tbsp yellow mustard

4 celery sticks, halfed and cut into small pieces

1 red onion, cut into small pieces

Salt, pepper to taste

2 tbsp garlic salt


Boil potatoes until soft, then cut into one inch cubes.

Add the rest of the ingredients until well mixed, and refrigerate at least 4 hours to let the flavors absorb.


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