Day 57–Enfrijoladas

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Everyone ate their own dinner tonight after dinner. Yes, I said after dinner…because they certainly didn’t eat this recipe I made!

In recipe planning, I try to mix things up so I don’t serve chicken 3 days in a row. I try to do a crock pot meal (usually a beef or pork dish) on Sundays, a chicken dish on Mondays, a pasta dish on Tuesdays, and so on. So I throw in a few vegetarian or meatless dishes sprinkled in the mix to give a variety (and save money!)

Apparently, I accidentally put two “gross vegetable” dishes on the calendar within a few days of each other!! Even though tonight’s dish is a bean dish. Haha. Anyway, tonight’s meal was NOT a hit. I would rate it a 3 myself, because if I was starving I would certainly scarf this down. It has an interesting flavor, not sure if it is the oregano in the bean mix, or what. But it is definitely edible, especially if you like black beans.


However, the other 3 people eating dinner tonight at the table with me would not agree. They walked away after eating only a few bites. Jacob tried putting cheese on his, but ended up just eating half the package of shredded cheese by itself. The overall rating was 2–because at least they were able to eat a few bites.

Oh well, you win some, and you lose some. Tomorrow night is Sesame Chicken, and I am hoping for a WIN!



I found this recipe here:http://www.forksoverknives.com/recipes/enfrijoladas/

1/4 family members would eat this again

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