Day 90–Chicken Pad Thai

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I have been waiting to make this dish for about a month. I didn’t have the appropriate equipment until I received a wonderful gift for my birthday earlier this month. Tonight, I was able to use a present my parents bought me for my birthday: a brand new, cast iron wok!


I love this thing! Boy, does it heat up fast. And it was so much fun to cook in this, as soon as I started cooking the chicken, those things were sizzling right away!



So, I absolutely love the Big Bang Theory. It brings out the inner geek in me. And on that show, they eat Thai food all the time! I have never tried Thai food until earlier this summer, when the boys and I went to a local Thai restaurant. And the only reason we went is so we could know what the BBT guys were talking about!

So, I picked out this recipe to try at home. A lot of the ingredients were foreign to me:



A disclaimer: I had bought the sriracha a week ago for use in another recipe, and I knew how spicy it was. This recipe called for a tablespoon of it, and I only used barely a teaspoon and it was still too spicy for me! But it turned out just fine! And fish sauce??? Sounds awful, but the end result was still good:


It surely looks authentic, but I wouldn’t know. Todd really liked this, he said it was definitely different than what we would normally eat (not that we have been eating normally these last 3 months!). Chris and Jacob didn’t care for it at all. They ate all the chicken, egg, and peanuts, and said those had fantastic flavor, but the noodles were too much for them. I thought it was good, but still a little on the spicy side for me!

If you have a craving for Chicken Pad Thai, I think this would be a great recipe to try. It made enough for 5 of us to eat, and Todd had seconds.



I found this recipe here: http://passthesushi.com/one-skillet-dinner-chicken-pad-thai/

3/5 family members would eat this again

Taste:knewstuffknewstuffknewstuff (however, if you like Thai food, this would be closer to 4-5 stars)


Ease of Use: knewstuffknewstuffknewstuff

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